One of Mallory's passion points is the importance of service to others. Mallory was introduced to a version of the verse above at a young age and the powerful message is one she carries with her daily. Here are just a few of the organizations that Mallory volunteers with at home and nation-wide. She wants you to get involved, too! 

To whom much is given, much will be required.
— Luke 12:48

The Curtis House

One of Mallory’s friends and peers, Representative Jeremy Gray, introduced her to The Curtis House in its infancy. Founded in 2018, The Curtis House is a safe haven for adults, the elderly and children. The Curtis House wishes to fulfill the family's dedication to teaching healthy and holistic ways of living. Mallory serves as an inaugural board member and focuses on community outreach through digital communications and fundraising.

With the necessary resources, the Opelika Jeter community will thrive as a recognizable, productive, and sustainable asset, adding to the growth of the City of Opelika.

Better Together Org.

Started by one of Mallory’s mentees, Maloreigh Todd (also known as MalTodd), Better Together Org educates communities on fostering a culture of acceptance, tolerance, and unity. Mallory serves on the founding Board of Directors and will lend her years of non-profit expertise to seeing to it that Better Together Org finds funding and resources to build resources for teachers and educators to use nation-wide.

The Miss America Organization

Over the course of 11 years, Mallory was awarded over $70,000 in scholarship through the Miss America Organization. In addition to volunteering her time at the local level, Mallory serves as a volunteer communication coordinator and media liaison for the national organization as a whole. It gives Mallory great pleasure to give back to the non-profit that gave so much to her throughout her teen and adult years.


In 2012, Mallory was introduced to the work of Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP), and quickly became involved in their mission: provide age appropriate child sexual abuse education to children through their fun, inventive puppet show. In addition to their work with children, CAPP provides proper training to school administrators, counselors and teachers in the New York City area. Mallory works closely with CAPP's director, Marion White, as a friend of CAPP, an advocate for their cause, a fundraiser and a consultant.


In 2013, President Obama's administration zeroed out the budget for Child Advocacy Centers for the 2014 fiscal year. Mallory was honored to stand alongside the National Children's Alliance on four separate occasions to lobby our nation's Capitol for funding and victim's rights. Today, Mallory follows the NCA's work through public speaking and a commitment to helping local advocacy centers wherever she goes.


At a young age, Mallory experienced the traumatic impact that child sexual abuse had on the women in her family. In 2012, she became a volunteer at the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center and, thus, was introduced to the amazing work of Safe Horizon. Today, she is on the Leaders on the Horizon Board as a member of the Awareness Committee.


As Miss America, Mallory was introduced to Prevent Child Abuse America through their inaugural Pinwheel Garden in New York City's Time Square. Since then, she has remained an advocate for their organization through fundraising and social awareness. In early April of 2016, Mallory will join a PCAA contributor for a private dinner in New York City as a 'thank you' for their dedication to PCAA's mission.


In 2012, Mallory became friends with Erin Merryn in an effort to see where they could collaborate on legislation of Erin's Law. Today, Erin's Law has passed in 26 states and continues to grow. In March of 2016, Mallory had the honor of testifying on behalf of Erin's Law in the State of Maryland. Find out how you can help in your state.