He [Scott Paterno] said he contacted Stop It Now! after reading that Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013, had worked with the organization to highlight child sexual abuse awareness.

Speaking Topics

1. Professional & Personal Branding


Mallory currently works with individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations on their branding, marketing and digital relationships.

Whether working with college students or corporate partners, Mallory has a message that spans generations and genres. Mallory will share her expertise on positioning your innate strengths online, in the company, or in a classroom during her presentation “Stand Out to Succeed.”

2. Child {Sexual} Abuse

Many of the women in Mallory’s family have experienced both child sexual abuse and sexual assault. By sharing her family story of child sexual abuse, Mallory discusses the problems child abuse can cause, the impacts on society and how prevention is possible with the help of community organizers, political effort, and heightened awareness in her keynote titled “STOP IT NOW: Child Sexual Abuse.”

3. Civic Engagement


If you ask, Mallory will tell you that running for office was the greatest experience she has had thus far in her life. However, running for the U.S. House of Representatives in a university town opened her eyes to the need for more civic engagement, especially among young people.

Mallory discusses the need for more youth in politics, how to find your purpose in your community, ways to be civically engaged and tools for “Building a Better Future.”



From childhood to adulthood, Mallory often finds herself in the position of "up-stander." It wasn’t until someone else helped to expose how Mallory was harassed and bullied in the workplace that she realized how important that position could be.

In her presentation, she highlights the importance of the peer ally, respect for others and conflict resolution with her discussion titled “Bullying: urning Bystanders in to Up-standers.”

5. Body Image & the Media

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 4.28.48 PM.png

Publicly attacked by peers and the media for weight gain, it is Mallory's mission to lead the next generation with more self awareness and less body consciousness.

Mallory shares her story through self-doubt and criticism before discussing how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle, love your body, recognize media faults and practice self-forgiveness in a presentation titled “We are Worth More than our Weight.”

“I learned from you that no matter what, I am perfect. No matter what I look like, I am me. And that’s all that matters. Being myself is the most beautiful thing that I can be. And I am VERY grateful for that. I am grateful that I have always had someone to look to as a positive inspiration.”
—  -Abby Freeman, 9th Grade

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